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English 8 News Article

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Five Misfits Fight for the Throne

By Elise Kreikemeier, October 12, 2020



    Only one day after the Emperor’s death on October 9, five misfits and their dragons were chosen to compete in the Trial. The Trial is a competition between five candidates, one from each House, to become the new emperor or empress. Secondborns Emilia Aurun, Lucian Sabel, Hyperia Volscia, and Ajax Tiber; along with a commoner named Vespir, were all chosen by “the calling” to participate in the Trial. These five must attend the Trial or be killed according to the law. The place where the Trial will take place is confidential. But as for why they were chosen, no one knows.

    According to National tradition, the firstborns from each House are chosen to replace the previous emperor or empress after they’ve died. Children are chosen through their personal dragon, having heard a silent call, stepping onto their home’s “calling station.” But this is the first time any child other than the firstborn was chosen. 

    Recently, it’s been causing a lot of conflict among the royal families. Jezebel Sabel questioned her husband asking, “What is our precious firstborn daughter, who’s trained her entire life for the Trial, supposed to do now? She is too old to be married off and knows nothing about living a normal life.” It is one of many concerns as to what to do with the firstborns in this unexpected situation.

    Some royals have been having mixed feelings about the situation. One stated, “I feel bad for the firstborns who’ve lived their whole lives preparing to fight in the Trial. But I personally believe that the five chosen children are more skilled and better fit for the throne.” Leaders are worried that this controversy will lead to even more conflict in the future. They are currently searching for the reason why this tradition was broken in hopes to bring peace back to the people.


This red apple represents the five misfits being surrounded by hateful royals, firstborns, and citizens (the green apples).




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