The Bible Story in Narnia

The Bible Story in Narnia

While Digory and Polly were in Charn together, they came across a little golden bell sitting on a podium in a room full of statues. They found a poem on the podium that said, “Make your choice, adventurous Stranger; Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.” This poem sort of tempted Digory into ringing the bell. When he did, the Witch (that would one day bring darkness to Narnia) was awakened. This part of the story represents when Eve was tempted by Satan to eat the fruit of the forbidden tree. Once she did so, sin was brought on the world (much like the Witch on Narnia). The image I chose represents the darkness brought on both worlds.

When the Witch came to see Aslan and saw Edmund who had been rescued from her clutches, she threatened to kill him. But Aslan chose to take the punishment for Edmund and sacrifice himself. The people of the Witch laughed at Aslan and mocked him. They cut off his mane and humiliated him. Then finally, the Witch killed him. This represents Jesus’ crucifixion. Like Aslan in the story, Jesus chose to take the punishment of sin upon himself and became the perfect sacrifice. The people mocked him and stripped him of his clothes. Then they crucified him. The image below represents how they were both a perfect sacrifice.

After Aslan was killed, the table of “old magic” broke in two and Aslan came back to life. He then went with Susan and Lucy to the Witch’s castle. There, he brought the creatures that the Witch had turned to stone, back to life. He then went and defeated the Witch. Afterwards he walked off into the sunset saying he’d one day return. This part of the story represents Jesus’ resurrection. Just like the table, when Jesus was crucified, the curtain in the temple completely tore in two. Then, three days later, Jesus came back to life having defeated Satan. And just like the statues that came back to life in the story, there were people in the Bible who came back to life for some time after Jesus had resurrected. Jesus ascended into heaven after promising he would one day return to pass judgement. The image I chose for this connection represents that both Aslan and Jesus would come back one day.

I feel like I fit the character of Susan. This is because in the book, she kept insisting that the siblings should just go home and forget about Narnia’s problems/dangers. She wanted to protect her siblings rather than risk getting hurt. She also wanted to avoid her calling to save Narnia. I think I fit her because I‘d want to keep those I love safe, but I sometimes would also rather forget about my calling as well. I’m the type who lacks the confidence to share the gospel for fear I’ll mess up or won’t know what to do. This image shows how both Susan and I want to keep our families safe.

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